OTC Portfolio product from BGM Pharmaceuticals

  • Product Name: Physiomanna ® LaxDepur
  • Product assists with: Constipation
  • Product Contains: Natural Ingredients
  • Product Delivery Mode: Orally Administered
  • Product Location: All leading pharmacies
  • Product Category: Complimentary Medicine

Physiomanna ® LaxDepur

Stooled Out?

Life doesn’t have to be harder than necessary!

Get Physiomanna ®  Lax Depur to assist with constipation, hard stools, flatulence and colic.

Advantages of using Physiomanna - LaxDepur include:

Helps give relief from from constipation and flatulence.

Advantages of using Physiomanna - LaxDepur include:

Helps promotes gastrointestinal well-being.

Advantages of using Physiomanna - LaxDepur include:

Helps to promote regular bowel function.

Additional Product Information:



Did you know?


Physiomanna ® LaxDepur helps to promote bowel transit & gastrointestinal well-being in patients suffering from:

• Constipation    • Hard stools    • Flatulence    • Colic    • Diabetes • Kidney disease


Physiomanna ® LaxDepur helps:

• Children with celiac disease and/or lactose intolerance

• Elderly with GI complications


Physiomanna ® LaxDepur also helps relieve constipation in the presence of:

• Haemorrhoids • Anal fistula • Anal fissures • Faecal impaction


This product is part of the BGM Pharmaceuticals Complimentary Medicine Portfolio and is available at all leading pharmacies nationwide.

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