OTC Portfolio product from BGM Pharmaceuticals

  • Product Name: Saltpipe
  • Product assists with: Respiratory Irritations
  • Product Contains: Natural European Cave Salt
  • Product Delivery Mode: Oral Inhalation
  • Product Location: All leading pharmacies
  • Product Category: Complimentary Medicine

Saltpipe ®

Saltpipe assists the respiratory system’s natural cleansing process and helps
to eliminate viruses and germs.

Advantages of using Saltpipe include:

Helps to relieve the irritating breathing difficulties caused by many respiratory conditions such as hay fever, blocked noses, irritating coughs, smokers cough and bronchitis.

Advantages of using Saltpipe include:

Long term use may assist in avoiding many of the common colds and allergy conditions.

Advantages of using Saltpipe include:

Is a useful adjunctive therapy for treating chest conditions.

Additional Product Information:



For centuries, people have known the secret of natural EUROPEAN CAVE SALT to open and clean the respiratory system.

You can now provide your patients with access to this natural treatment and help them avoid the side effects of everyday respiratory and allergy medications.


• Contains ONLY natural cave salt.

• Micro particles are able to reach small bronchioles of airway.

• Assists patients to breathe better and clears their respiratory system of germs and viruses.

• Very easy to use. Breathe in through the mouth and out through the nose.

• Use for 4 – 5 minutes, 3 – 4 times per day.

• Lasts up to 6 months.


This product is part of the BGM Pharmaceuticals Complimentary Medicine Portfolio and is available at all leading pharmacies nationwide.

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